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Dr Ben Ramsay is a British composer and sound artistbased in the South West, UK.He runs amp bit<if//go recordingswith Andy Dolphin, which releases a variety of left field and exploratory electronic music.

Ben has been making electronic music since the early 1990s and continues to compose music made from synthesised sounds, field recordings, radio broadcasts and anything else he finds lying around. He writes music as a solo composer under Ben Ramsay or Ninestein and in collaboration with others under the monikers of Soundhacker, Mats Twunky and dooQ. Some of hiscompositionscan be heard on thecompositionspage.

Ben worked as a musician and sound designer in the computer gamesindustry during the early 2000s and produced music and interactive sonic content for a host of titles,promotionalvideos, mobile apps and websites.

Ben’s research is centred around acousmatic music composition and the exploration of social and sonic relationships that exist between modern forms of electronic music, in particular the relationship between techno and acousmatic music.He has been teaching since 2004 and currently lectures in Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University.

Ben performs live in and around the UK and abroad both in fixed media concert settings and in live laptop and improvised performances. More info on these performances can be found on theperformances & paperspage.

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