Analysis of Foil by Autechre (from Amber (1994)) in Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music Analysisby Emmerson, S. Landy, L (eds), Cambridge University Press.


PhD Thesis - Exploring compositional relationships between acousmatic music and electronica

You can find a copy of my PhD thesis at the De Montfort University Open Research Archive (DORA) by clicking here.


Tools, Techniques and Composition: Bridging acousmatic and IDM

This paper was delivered at theToronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2011at the Wychwood Theatre, Toronto, Canada.The paper was published in eContact! 14.4 and is avaialbehere


Analysis of ‘Internal Clock’ byMonolake

This analysis was originally produced for the OREMA project at De Montfort university and was published on theOREMAwebpage on 20/02/12 - download here

Ben Ramsay 2017